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We pushed the newest version (MS53) live yesterday late evening, and here are the most notable changes: - Comment Submit button be gone! Your submit will now immediately be submitted once you click an opinion button. - The idea list has a new Filters & Sort options that update the list immediately once an option is selected / clicked. - The My Groups dropdown that will show once you click the name of your group now has a feature to search the name of the groups you're connected with. - Group name will be frozen on top when scrolling longer lists, so you always know where you are. - All links (URL's) you add to any content type will automatically "linkify" (become clickable links). ... and many-many more other tweaks and fixes... For admins: - Detailed Idea Report has arrived! Check it out in Stats & Reports under Idea Reports. It makes use of the new Filters & Sort options in the ideas view. - Ever wanted to see all the activity of one user? Now you can. Click on the name of any user under the admin pages, and you will be redirected automatically to a page that will show you everything related to that one user. - The All Content page is now removed as all there was here was already available on the other content pages. - Map: a map of raters' location can now be seen underneath the idea (click the Map tab). For now this is an admin-only function.

posted on 12 Jun 2017