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- VocalEyes is now showing a map of users who rated an idea (see new 'Map' tab at the bottom of idea blocks) - this will only show the locations of those who have registered a home postcode in their personal profile. - links in comments and replies are now activated and will open the url into a new window. - we've made some formatting changes to the daily email notifications - so you immediately see what's important. - daily email notifications will now also go out for all content (so you will receive email notifications of actions too!) - daily email notifications will no longer be triggered for content updates (ie if someone edits the content) - so a little less in your mailbox. - line breaks (paragraphs) are now respected in all description boxes to ensure your content looks neat. - 'back to top' link is now present on any page that you scroll down. - in Projects: to add resources, we've made the button selection clearer and easier to create or update. GROUP ADMINS: - Admin alerts are now live - Group Admins if you wish to receive these go to the admin section and toggle Admin Alerts On (IMPORTANT NOTE: this will activate immediate notification for all content posted in your group).

posted on 26 Mar 2017