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With the fallout of the recent UK exercise in Direct Democracy - the EU LEAVE or REMAIN Referendum still taking place as we all digest and respond to the result - how can Wales now go forward positively into the future of having opted out of future EU subsidies/grants/funding? How should the Welsh Assembly Govt respond? What can we as individuals and communities do? 

posted on 30 Jun 2016

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How can we help to widen participation in the community, encourage active citizenship and improve both direct and representative democracy so people feel more engaged and empowered by the process?

posted on 8 Mar 2016

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We cannot carry on the way we currently live and work - that's a given.
The Well-being of Future Generations Act provides us with a shared purpose and drivers to achieve the Wales we want.
The Act also sets out a new way of working so we all make better decisions.

The question is - what should be measured to show if things are getting better for young adults in Wales? Please add your ideas! And debate each other's suggestions. 

posted on 9 Feb 2016

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