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is what the 40 National Indicators look like as a

Each goal has a colour. So, for
example the more prosperous Wales is yellow.

Each indicator is colour coded
according to the goals it is mainly illustrating. So, for example, the first
indicator – ‘babies born at a healthy weight’ – is an indicator of a healthier
Wales – the red – and a more equal Wales – the dark red.

this slide also shows is how the 40 indicators work as a set. You can see the spread of colours
working across the chart to reflect indications of all seven goals.

There are four main questions:

the proposed indicators work as a set?

there any that could be improved?

there any that should be included or excluded?

can we communicate these to the people and communities of Wales?

In other words, are these the right
measures of the Wales We Want?

posted on 9 Feb 2016

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These are the 7 Welsh 'wellbeing' goals as identified by the 'Wales We Want' Future Generations Bill.

posted on 9 Feb 2016

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A Carers Assembly was hosted by Carers Wales in the old Senedd debating chamber in Cardiff Bay today where carers at the front line shared their experiences in front of a panel of politicians and candidates from all the main political parties chaired by Roy Noble. 
Heartfelt evidence was heard from parents and carers from across Wales, including issues regarding minimal access to information, support and respite when needed. All spoke of the fight that accessing services has become and the worry of cuts and the impact that will have. 
Several themes were debated: rights and assssment, provision of information, respite care and cuts, work and finances, cooperatives and third sector. 

posted on 20 Nov 2015

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