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Our first engagement event is coming to Pennard on Monday 27th at 10 am. Coffee and Tea will be provided by the lovely ladies at the Library and VocalEyes will provide the cake. All you need to bring is your voice! This is set to be a regular gathering at the library on a monthly basis. We will be skipping December as it's so busy but we will return in January and every month from then on! 
Looking forward to seeing you there!

posted on 18 Nov 2017

Well it's been a whirlwind couple of months but we are up and running with our Community Voice project! We have started in Pennard and have our first list of priorities for the ward. We have so much support for the project it's really fantastic to be a part of it. Rebecca Evans AM and MP Tonia Antionazzi are thrilled to be involved in such an innovative and exciting project and have committed to help us out in any way they can.

Cllr. Lynda James, for Pennard, is also keen to engage with the community and will soon be adding her community budget to the process so we can all see where this funding is being prioritized in line with the community's needs. We have a new Twitter account with frequent tweets about progress and groups we’re working with. Follow us @swanseavoice to keep up to date with developments.

 We are working in partnership with Friends of Pennard Library (FoPL) in Pennard and Gower Access Path (GAP) in Bishopston – where we’re heading to next with the project. We are also about to start discussions with AFC Pennard about their aspirations for women/girls sports teams in the ward and a fit-for-purpose Pavilion on the Playing Field. You can make a difference to the community without leaving your armchair but if you're inspired by the project and want to be involved, we are recruiting teams of Community Organisers in all 8 wards.

We need diverse teams of people with many different skill sets so don't be shy or sit at home thinking there wouldn't be a place for you; contact me now at susan.r@vocaleyes.org and help bring positive changes to your community! There are very exciting times ahead - more and more people are registering with www.vocaleyes.org and having their say on what they want in their communities.

Coming soon is our first "Coffee, Cake and Communicate" event with plenty more to follow. We are also about to launch a very exciting competition for the younger members of the community with a fantastic £50 prize! I’ll be back soon with more news on our progress – keep communicating! Susan x PS Here are Pennard's priorities for August: http://vocaleyes.org/vocaleyes/group/idea-report/grp/3502/token/8a1c7347af8ff51ef7b4b2f2b78e6658

posted on 8 Sep 2017

Here's our first video, catching up with some members of the community and hearing what they want and need! Come and join in, register with vocaleyes.org, rate the ideas, add some of your own and create some noise!

Community Organising in Pennard, Swansea - vocaleyes.org

posted on 30 Jun 2017

What can we do to support local businesses in order to increase sustainability within the ward?

posted on 23 Oct 2017

Shortcode: TLOUE

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Community Allotment Scheme
The idea to create an allotment scheme has attracted the attention of Pennard Garden Society. We need some volunteers to come forward to suggest ways this could be achieved and to push forward with plans to make it a reality. This Project has been created in response to the following idea http://vocaleyes.org/vocaleyes/idea/view/id/7759/grp/3502

posted on 18 Oct 2017

Rating Circle
Interested members of the community to volunteer to help take this forward along with existing members of the Pennard Garden Society
This resource has 1 of 4 volunteers and is 25% complete.
It has been decided with Pennard Primary School and Gower Unearthed that the commemorative tree for Vernon Watkins and also including the 50th anniversary of Pennard Primary and Pennard Library will be planted on November 30th at 10am at Pennard Primary School.

posted on 16 Oct 2017

Action assigned Something was fixed Tangible Outcome
Idea: Plant a tree for Vernon Watkins av. rating: 4.7 rated by: 10 declined by: 2
Pennard Primary have agreed to find a suitable site for the tree to be planted. It is hoped this will be in a patch of land outside the school entrance and therefore accessible by members of the community and those with an interest in Vernon Watkins.

posted on 16 Oct 2017

Action assigned Tangible Outcome
Idea: Plant a tree for Vernon Watkins av. rating: 4.7 rated by: 10 declined by: 2

posted on 28 Sep 2017

Action assigned Idea reviewed Learning Outcome
Idea: Get rid of the cows (archived) av. rating: 1.5 rated by: 8 declined by: 0
Pennard Youth Club have been approached to promote this idea to all members and encourage and assist participation.

posted on 28 Sep 2017

Action assigned Idea reviewed
Idea: Digital Skills - Video Making Workshop av. rating: 4.3 rated by: 6 declined by: 1
Community Voice Project is underway in Pennard Ward working with community leaders, the Community Council and all residents.

posted on 28 Sep 2017

Action assigned Idea reviewed Tangible Outcome
Idea: Use VocalEyes to help improve communications between Residents (archived) av. rating: 4.5 rated by: 14 declined by: 0