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Recent News

The facility to use your debit/credit card in the canteen and snack cafe has now been implemented.

During a Class Representative Meeting held at the Gorseinon Campus at the start of the year, students were given the chance to speak directly to Management from a variety of areas regarding the issues that had been raised within their tutorial classes by their peers.  The main focus was the need for a debit/credit card facility to pay for refreshments at the Canteen and Snack Bar.  Following the meeting, a very high level of requests and comments were posted on VocalEyes through the single sign in on Moodle.

Thanks to all the students who actively became members of VocalEyes to push this idea forward, the Management Team have provided this facility.  Staff and students now have the option to use their debit/credit card to buy refreshments in the Canteen and Snack Bar at Gorseinon and the Canteen in Tycoch.




posted on 28 Sep 2016

Self defence is a very important for women of all ages and we suggested as an idea on Gower College’s VocalEyes students group. VocalEyes has assisted with idea by putting it up for the students to add their comments and for them to rate. Though the idea has been brought forward that perhaps boys should also be able to participate in a self defence class too? Or perhaps there could be a self defence class for boys as well? As gender equality is just as important for boys as well as girls therefore there should be a class for each or a mixed male and females class.

posted on 23 Mar 2015

Yoga has been suggested as one of Gower College’s VocalEyes idea. Yoga is a great exercise for relaxation and deep breathing. It also would work really well for stress release. With the ever present deadlines and exams looming. It would be a really effective way for the students at Gower College to take a time out!

  It could be run at a lunch time or as an after college activity or both! By posting it on VocalEyes it allows the students to express their thoughts on when the classes should be held. Should the classes be mixed between boys and girls? Or should they be separate? This is all up to ideas and speculation in the VocalEyes Gower College group.

posted on 23 Mar 2015

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