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posted on 5 Feb 2018

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Idea: Events & Meeting Notes/Minutes module av. rating: 5.0 rated by: 2 declined by: 0
This is an early version of what we intend to become a fully fledged Events and Meeting Minutes/Notes module.

Here is an example of the early release:


posted on 5 Feb 2018

Events & Meeting Notes/Minutes module
Almost all groups & orgs hold meeting and take notes or meeting minutes. It would be great to be able to log events in VocalEyes, then to add minutes, then to be able to link content such as topics, ideas, projects, actions, tasks, news etc so the Minutes document was alive and dynamic as a refreshing alternative to normal notes in a Word doc.
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posted on 5 Feb 2018

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- Add responsive text to Pledging pie charts - Add Chat to Group Admin - Improve the Cookie Policy block - Popup Hints - Rate this Idea

posted on 22 Jan 2018

Idea reviewed Tangible Outcome
Idea: Live Chat for Groups (archived) av. rating: 3.5 rated by: 17 declined by: 0
- Images and videos can now be added to Ideas, Topics & News - Completely remove the media section if no media attached - Remove the need to Accept / Decline when uploading a new group logo / header image - layout and bug fixes...

posted on 16 Jan 2018

Idea reviewed Tangible Outcome
Idea: Allow images in posts (archived) av. rating: 4.7 rated by: 25 declined by: 0

posted on 18 Dec 2017

Idea reviewed Learning Outcome
Idea: Add a 'unsubscribe' link to notification emails (archived) av. rating: 3.7 rated by: 3 declined by: 0
MS60 released
~ Updates to the JOIN row ~ Direct URL to show all Transactions automatically in a budget ~ Social Share introduced for all (public) content ~ Remove + Idea button on + Idea page - for Members only ~ Reduce size of footer links ~ Admin to make Follower / make Member / make Editor / make Admin

posted on 18 Dec 2017

Idea reviewed Tangible Outcome
Idea: Reduce the width of the footer links (archived) av. rating: 4.7 rated by: 3 declined by: 1
Idea: Remove ADD IDEA button on Add Idea page (archived) av. rating: 4.7 rated by: 3 declined by: 0
Idea: User Admin - Add Make Follower / Make Member / Make Admin (archived) av. rating: 4.3 rated by: 20 declined by: 4
The "share" feature has arrived enabling you to do just that. We're looking forward to liking and tweeting a lot more VocalEyes content in the near future. NB. You'll only see this function on public content

posted on 4 Sep 2017

For users: - Any registrant can now create a group - The registration page now starts with an email field only, and will recognise an existing email and will offer to log in or reset password, with both pages loaded with email pre-filled. The login page will also offer to redirect to the registration page if the username / email doesn't exist with email pre-filled. - Transactions now have a "Load More" link at the bottom of the list (replacing the page numbers / links) - Added the budget widget in the top right hand corner (will only show if module activated and at least one transaction with amount > 0 posted). For admins: - Existing members (of any membership type) of a group do not have to specifically request another type of access, admins can do this for them - The Group Name field is now longer and accepts 60 characters (instead of 50) - RTF editor added to Topics - Renamed the "Domain" field in Group Settings to be more precise: it refers to the Email Domain - The single user info page will now have the username and first name, last name showing on top

posted on 10 Dec 2017

Something was fixed Idea reviewed Tangible Outcome
Idea: More explanation (archived) av. rating: 4.0 rated by: 13 declined by: 0
Covering the basic functions of VocalEyes - lots more to come.. http://vocaleyes.org/vocaleyes/news/view/id/278

posted on 3 Dec 2017

Idea reviewed Tangible Outcome
Idea: Video tutorials av. rating: 4.6 rated by: 45 declined by: 1