VocalEyes is being used by many students to voice their opinions on college life. 

One idea that appears to crop up often is the wish for a smoking shelter.  This idea has been posted a few times, attracting 300 ratings and averaging a score of 3.1. Despite the persuasive arguments made both for and against a shelter, the college have stated they simply cannot justify the costs associated with its construction. 

Students have also suggested building their own shelter. This raises numerous health and safety as well as insurance issues. With the emphasis on avoiding promoting smoking, due to the undoubted health hazards for those smoking, those sharing the air and the great mess that is created around the smoking area, the college is not currently planning to build a shelter, though comments concerning the need for suitable bins and facilities are being considered to help users of the smoking area to keep it clean and tidy.

Smoke-free legislation came into force in Wales on 2nd April 2007, ending smoking in' enclosed and substantially enclosed public places'. Compliance with this law has been high. Public support for the legislation has continued to grow. 

If you are new to VocalEyes - it is a good idea to check out all the 'unrated ideas' (shown in red) before adding your own, to ensure you are not just creating a duplicate idea.

Happy posting - the ideas and comments are assisting in making sure policies support students and staff whilst also taking into account legal, health, safety an financial implications.

posted on 24 Oct 2014

Old topics can now be archived, so no new ideas can be posted on them, and the active ideas inside cannot be rated.

posted on 20 Oct 2014

You can now see the impact a group you are in has made via an impact statement. This can be located under the new Impact button in groups, replacing the Blog button.

posted on 20 Oct 2014

We have entered the digital age and are using a system for digital democracy called VocalEyes.

posted on 15 Oct 2014

Scary Guy
On Friday 10th October Pembrokeshire College welcomed back Scary Guy to talk to over 400 students in the Merlin Theatre.

Learners were profoundly affected by Scary's message and delivery as he encouraged a more positive world view and a way for humans to treat eachother.

This is what Scary Guy is all about:

The Scary Guy is quite possibly The Most Powerful Agent For Change on the Planet Today!

His sole mission is “The Total Elimination of Hate, Violence and Prejudice Worldwide.”  These were the first words that Scary spoke when he began his mission in 1998. Since that day, Scary has worked with over 10 million people through Television, film, radio, social media and live shows around the world promoting peace through the teaching of Love and Acceptance of all people. His audience consists of both youth and adults on an individual, community and society level, unaware of how they are using negative energy to meet their needs.

The Scary Guy contends that prejudice of any ilk undermines the very strength of every person’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by all citizens, regardless of their race, religion, or country of origin. His core, underlying message is that prejudice and its ill effects on the World’s Community must be combated by every means possible – without becoming negative in the process of achieving this, either on an individual, community or global level.

Scary’s work identifies an enormous cultural and educational void in the upbringing of the World’s children. For years, nations have experienced the relentless growth of  ”The World’s Number One Social Disease; Hate, Violence and Prejudice,” which Scary describes as an insidious disease, polarizing our youth and societies and precluding us from achieving the true potential of our common humanity.

The Scary Guy is a unique entity! He is a real force the “Live” person that a sizeable and growing segment of our youth today hunger for – someone to provide them with believable guidance in this current era of social polarization, brought on by hate, prejudice and spiraling “non-responsibility-accepting, no-accountability” conduct. His presence shocks people into an awed state of attention. His message is then delivered to a rapt and receptive audience.

posted on 13 Oct 2014

Thank you to all tutors who participated in the tutor day workshops. During the VocalEyes training we were able to register 108 members within the teaching staff group. This in turn generated 22 ideas and 416 ratings.

This first submission of ideas was presented as a report to managers at a meeting held in Wrexham on Tuesday 7th October 2014. Each idea was discussed and actions were assigned in order to progress ideas. Where an idea could not be progressed, an explanation has been provided.

This is a valuable way for managers to gain an understanding of issues that affect tutors, so please continue to submit your ideas and rate the ideas of your peers.

posted on 9 Oct 2014

Milford Haven Secondary School are making history today with the first digitally-captured live suggesting of ideas, rating, debating and commenting to give the head teacher a clear sense of priorities and what is important to pupils today. Year 8 pupils have broken the new ground for the school and shown great maturity, conducting themselves in a polite and tactful manner whilst sharing their ideas for improving the school and improving opportunities outside school.

posted on 9 Oct 2014

We are the official pioneers - year 8 pupils have been tasked today with learning how to operate VocalEyes Digital Democracy to better communicate their ideas for improving things in school - and in our community.

Year 8 pupils are the first to contribute their unique ideas. All the ideas and comments will be used to help the school make decisions going forward. Well done!

posted on 7 Oct 2014

South & City College Birmingham is the first urban college in the UK to adopt a new digital system, VocalEyes Digital Democracy, to better capture learner voice and encourage students to participate in generating ideas to improve your college.

Please respond to topics posted here with your good ideas - and also respectfully rate and debate each other's ideas here using the star rating and comments functions. All ideas will be carefully considered and many popular, practical ideas will be turned into tangible action.

posted on 6 Oct 2014

On Friday 3rd October, Stephen Crabb - Secretary of State for Wales visited Pembrokeshire College to talk to Welsh Baccalaureate students.

Mr Crabb spoke at length about many issues facing young people in Wales today and, having risen from a local MP to a place in the Cabinet he was able to demonstrate that young people in Pembrokeshire can achieve their ambitions.

posted on 6 Oct 2014

The Pembs Parents Have Your Say group has 500 members - a sign of how much interest there is in being involved in decisions that effect us and our families. Please take a look at the Pembs Parents Topic - designed to capture the ideas of parents about the thorny issue of unauthorised absence and school fines. VocalEyes allows us all to rate and debate each other's ideas. The information is anonymous on the front page and is designed to allow large groups of people to generate, rate and debate ideas to help decision-makers make more informed decisions. Please participate! We will be sending a report to the county council as part of its promised consultation process.

posted on 3 Oct 2014

Some ideas require the commitment of a number of people to turn them into action. Perhaps you need enough interest to run a course, volunteers to help at an event, or donations to fund solar panels.

With projects you can ask people to pledge their support and find out if you've got enough backing to make it happen.

This is a new feature and we'll be improving it over the coming months. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

posted on 18 Sep 2014

Finding things in your group just got a lot easier. In addition to searching ideas, you can now search for comments, topics, projects and actions.

The add new button now sits alongside the search box, with a drop-down menu to allow you add anything from any page.

posted on 15 Sep 2014

We've been doing a bit of cosmetic surgery to give your VocalEyes group a boost. This is not just about making the page look a bit nicer, it's about making VocalEyes easier to use.

For starters, we've moved the group name top left and you can see whether you're a member of the group right there. This is followed directly by the main menu and submenu, so users know exactly where they are and how to get where they're going.

We have shifted things about a bit so you don't have to scroll to get to your content and your topics, ideas and actions now stand out more on the page.

All in all there are dozens of tiny tweaks that add up to a more intuitive experience for your users.

posted on 15 Sep 2014

You can now upload images directly to VocalEyes when you create blog posts.

posted on 11 Sep 2014

You may have noticed a new item in the menu bar at the top of the page called 'Impact Blog'. We're collecting blog posts from different groups to create a fascinating insight into the impact that VocalEyes is having in different communities.

So, if any interesting interesting actions come out of your VocalEyes group, be sure to blog about it and it will appear here.

posted on 11 Sep 2014

A big new addition to VocalEyes is the ability to translate it into different languages. At the moment, you can have any Language as long as it's English or Welsh. 

If you are a Welsh speaker, we need your help. We've done a very quick, rough translation of the site and there are bound to be some errors. Join this group to share your ideas for improving our Welsh:

posted on 11 Sep 2014

Milford Haven School is the first secondary school in the world to utilise VocalEyes Digital Democracy for Learner Voice.

posted on 9 Sep 2014

The College provides a number of courses for learners who wish to venture into the glamorous world of the beauty industry.
 Courses on offer include hair dressing, massage, make up and nail services. Learners can then learn the ' in's and out's ' of their trade from their early years and gain a wealth of knowledge and experience based advice from both their tutors and their fellow colleagues. 

However, there is a rather large jump between theoretical knowledge and practical application. In many cases, skills are hardly as simple as they initially appear on paper.
 Pembrokeshire College has thus come up with a way to ensure  that it's beauty learners are fully prepared in both the theoretical and practical aspects of their work and each have experience in their respective fields to give them the best chance of success in the world of work.

Hence, Pembrokeshire College houses a fully equipped Salon run by the beauty students in order to give them the experience the need, and the opportunity to try out their skills on paying customers.

posted on 19 Aug 2014

We have all seen the popular political show 'Question Time', where politicians debate certain topics and are then put on the spot by members of the audience consisting of their most significant stakeholder - the general public.

Using this as their inspiration, the student -led Events Planning Committee launched their very own Question Time event, giving an audience of students the chance to grill the Principal, Assistant and Deputy Principal's and other members of the Senior Management. Team about the issues important to them.
 This was taken one step further, where after the QT had concluded, there was an interactive event where learners could vote on their preferred answers to a number of questions - similar to the "ask the audience" feature on the famous quiz show 'Who wants to be a Millionaire'.

Needless to say, this went down as quite a hit with the students and increased their level of satisfaction with the SMT as they could see open dialogue occurring.

posted on 19 Aug 2014