Self defence is a very important for women of all ages and we suggested as an idea on Gower College’s VocalEyes students group. VocalEyes has assisted with idea by putting it up for the students to add their comments and for them to rate. Though the idea has been brought forward that perhaps boys should also be able to participate in a self defence class too? Or perhaps there could be a self defence class for boys as well? As gender equality is just as important for boys as well as girls therefore there should be a class for each or a mixed male and females class.

posted on 23 Mar 2015

Yoga has been suggested as one of Gower College’s VocalEyes idea. Yoga is a great exercise for relaxation and deep breathing. It also would work really well for stress release. With the ever present deadlines and exams looming. It would be a really effective way for the students at Gower College to take a time out!

  It could be run at a lunch time or as an after college activity or both! By posting it on VocalEyes it allows the students to express their thoughts on when the classes should be held. Should the classes be mixed between boys and girls? Or should they be separate? This is all up to ideas and speculation in the VocalEyes Gower College group.

posted on 23 Mar 2015

It is the age of computer programming and people are crying out for candidates in the field of computer science. PHP, HTML, Java and Python are only a few of the computer languages needed to build websites, computer games. Computer coding is even used in robotics.

 This idea is currently being discussed on Gower Colleges Ideas To Rate Page. So far it has been well received by the students. The class will provide the students with the necessary coding skills that will enable to go on to study the subject at university and to get employment in that sector.

posted on 23 Mar 2015

Counselling is very important when it comes to student engagement in colleges. It’s a safe place where a student can go if they are having problems or to simply talk to someone. The upside of having a counsellor full time would be that there may be more time for drop in sessions and would allow the students to fit a counselling session comfortably around their college timetable.

posted on 23 Mar 2015

College FM

An idea suggested by the Gower College students group. Having a radio station is a brilliant way to engage students as well as letting students know what is happening in the college and around campus.  It also lets the students have an input in regards to shows and interviews as well as being able to enjoy the songs they like. This idea is currently being voted on



posted on 23 Mar 2015

We have set up We need your feedback and interactions on the site so we can evaluate the usefulness of the tool. It has opportunities to improve engagement with all our members and administration within our local party.

Please sign up, with your Swansea postcode. We will receive an approval request. Request to follow and to join "Swansea and Gower Green Party". By default you will be added to the public groups for your Ward, Area/Constituency and Region/Country - but as they are public we are *not* using those at the moment.

I added some "Topics" and "Ideas" under them in no particular order. You can Rate Ideas from Dislike 1* to 5* Fully Support. You can make anon-comments with for and against flag.  If you could have a look around and see what you think of the tool.

Hopefully if there is time at the Environment Centre next week, we be able to demo it and try to answer your questions, and I can help in signing you up after the meeting. In the mean time message me via facebook if I can help in the meantime.

Mike Whittall 

posted on 4 Mar 2015

Swansea & Gower Green Party is a lively branch with strong voices from across the age spectrum. Comprising of the constituencies of Gower, Swansea West and Swansea East, the party will be standing General Election candidates in all constituencies in the General Election.

Swansea  Gower Green Party Officers

We will also be contesting every council by-election to give everyone in Swansea & Gower the chance to vote Green. Our first elected community Councillor, Mark Griffiths, represents the ward of Southgate in the Gower village of Southgate. We hold meetings every two weeks, rotating the location around the constituencies to ensure that everyone has the chance to attend. We have an excellent team of officers, comprising of 18 officials in every field of running the party.

posted on 4 Mar 2015

Cerdyn Nadolig Electronig / Electronic Christmas Card - £55.50

Apêl Cardiau Nadolig / Christmas Card Appeal - £490.00

Sialens Bwced Iâ / Ice Bucket Challenge - £108.62

Sialens Bwced Iâ - Cyfraniad cyflog staff / Ice Bucket Challenge - Salary Donations - £873.00

Diwrnod Siwmper Nadolig / Christmas Jumper Day - £52.90

Digwyddiad Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen / St. Dwynwen Day - £88.56

Ffair Nadolig / Christmas Fayre - £631.08

Cacennau'r grŵp Teithio a Thwristiaeth / Travel and Tourism students Bake Sale - £29.30

Cyfanswm hyd hyn / Current total: £2,328.96

Diweddariadau i ddilyn...  / Updates to follow...

posted on 29 Jan 2015

New features
  • The long awaited idea carousel is complete and will be introduced this patch. 
  • A rather nifty news feed has been implemented to the Dashboard. 
Functionality Updates
  • Topics can now be categorised. 
  • Greek translations are now available [Beta]. 
Visual Updates
  • A new video has been filmed and added to the homepage, you can check it out here:
  • Resources have received a stylish facelift. 
  • Topics can now be opened/closed individually. 
  • Numerous mobile enhancements were completed. 
Miscellaneous Changes and Bug Fixes
  • Much of the site was cleaned up, including the removal of some redundant buttons. 
  • The limitation on Username length has been increased to 25. 
  • A multitude of bugs have been resolved this patch, based on both in house testing, and user feedback. 

If you would rather watch a video highlighting the latest changes, you can check that out here: 


posted on 23 Jan 2015

Group Kilmuckridge
Whats it for


posted on 9 Jan 2015

There have been a number of changes/improvements agreed with Aramark (our catering provider) based on your feedback in forums, and on here!

As a result of our recent meeting with Aramark, here are some actions they have agreed on:

- There will now be an 'Extra Value' Menu all for only £1 called Quid Go! (starting from January 12th 2015)

Quid Go

Fried egg on toast served with a Hot Drink £1
Beans on toast served with a Hot Drink £1
Tomatoes on toast served with a Hot drink £1

½ Jacket served with beans & a juice cup £1
½ Jacket served with cheese & a juice cup £1

Other improvements include:

- The Costa on your campus will now open at 8am, so all of you early risers who are sat around, you can now order some hot food or a hot beverage while you wait for your lessons to start.

- Also, to put an end to food running out, there will be a list of items that can be made to order towards the end of lunch time every day (1.15-1.30)

- There will be a bowl of fresh fruit available every day, with a variety of fruit.

- The Staff are now required to wear hairnets.

- Due to new laws, all allergy information for every item of food will now be available on request

If you need hot water for your food bought elsewhere, you can pay 10p in the hot drinks vending machines and get a cup of hot water

- There is now a feedback system on the 'Learner Portal'
where you can let the canteen know your suggestions, compliments or complaints. Access it here: 

- There are now sandwich meal deals available (selected sandwiches with a drink of Oasis or a soft drink, and crisps, kitkat, aero or fruit)

We hope you enjoy these changes, and we try and make things better for you as much as we can.

Coleg Gwent Students' Union (any questions, please contact us)

posted on 23 Dec 2014

Bydd myfyrwyr yn cael derbyn lanyards adnabod (ID) o fis Ionawr 2015, diolch i syniad a rennir a phleidleisiwyd gan staff y Coleg gan ddefnyddio VocalEyes.

Students will be issued with ID lanyards from January 2015, thanks to an idea shared and voted for by staff at the College using VocalEyes.

posted on 17 Dec 2014

Mobile Enhancements
Numerous areas of the website have received a mobile facelift, these include actions, topics, projects, budgets and blogs!
Each of these should now reactively respond to page widths, which will effectively deliver a smoother mobile experience.

Quality of life improvements

  • Upon rating an idea, the browser should now scroll to the newly opened comments tab, emphasising this to users.
  • Improvements have been made to the group search, wherein an additional search bar is available above the results post search.
  • One of the most exciting new features for group admins is the changes to topic selection when creating an idea. Users will now be forced to consciously select a topic, which will hopefully minimise misplaced content creation.  
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at the VocalEyes Team.

posted on 16 Dec 2014

Thank you to those who have started to use VocalEyes so far! Over 250 of you. Please spread the word and get your friends to use it.

In response to your comments so far, we are taking the canteen issues to the canteen meeting this Wednesday (10th December) and we are going to meet with Estates about the seating issue. We will let you know the results as soon as possible.

 In the meantime, please keep your issues and ideas coming, and please vote on all the other ideas, as we will have more power to do something with them if we get at least 100 votes for them.

We will also have completed the forums this week for Class Reps for this term, and the minutes of the meetings and the key issues in the meetings will be published on here as a blog. As soon as we’ve had any actions resulting from your feedback we will let you know.

 If anyone would like to help to administrate VocalEyes, we are looking for student volunteers. Please let me know (  Have a good Christmas break everyone!

posted on 8 Dec 2014

Dashboard Changes:

We've made a few changes to the dashboard, in an attempt to improve usability. Users will now have a much cleaner interface to navigate through, dominated by the tabs- "My Groups""Notifications" and "Recent Activity"

My Groups grants an overview of all your groups, including any content which you are yet to interact with, also known as “calls to action”. In addition to this, the tab allows you to check your membership status and group member counts, as well as create/search for new groups. 

Notifications tab displays much of the same content as My Groups, however it does so in a list format. 

Recent Activity, on the other hand, shows both your last 10 idea ratings, and most recent comments.  

Changes to Ideas

Ideas have undergone a substantial visual upgrade, which is aimed at reducing page bloat and streamlining the rating process. To achieve this, most of the content previously associated with an idea has been moved into one of the four tabs- “Comments”, “Projects”, “Actions” and “Admin”. Furthermore, these tabs will be hidden initially, and will only present themselves upon rating an idea.

Additionally, we have enhanced the navigation process within the single ideas view, via the implementation of next/previous buttons. The buttons allow the single ideas page to act as a “carousel for ideas”, with the previous button showing ideas you have rated, and next presenting you with a new ideas to rate.

Actions Improvements

In an effort to make actions more explicit in their meaning, they have now been split into actions (assigned to staff, under review, etc…) and outcomes (tangible/learning). Moreover, you are now able to archive ideas from within the action creation page.

Quality of life improvements

You are now able to edit/action archived content, such as ideas and topics without making them active, as well as search via post code to find geographical groups.  

posted on 24 Nov 2014

Diolch am eich syniadau i gynnal gweithgareddau dros y Nadolig.

Gwahoddir staff a myfyrwyr i wisgo siwmper Nadolig ar ddydd Gwener 19 Rhagfyr, 2014 er budd Ambiwlans Awyr Cymru.

Awgrymir cyfraniad o £1 (i dalu gyda'r dderbynfa).

Thank you for your ideas for activities over Christmas.

Staff and students are invited to wear a Christmas jumper on Friday 19th December 2014 in aid of the Wales Air Ambulance.

Suggested donation £1 (please pay at reception).

Nadolig Llawen / Merry Christmas

posted on 21 Nov 2014

Come to the main Atrium to check it out

posted on 12 Nov 2014

Surfs up!
Over recent weeks, many students have taken to VocalEyes to contribute their ideas towards activities for "What's on Wednesday"!

In case you're unaware, "What's on Wednesday" is a range of enrichment activities offered to students independent of their studies. It permits you opportunities to learn new skills, enhance your fitness, or even prepare you for life. 

With the topic recently being archived, it makes sense to discuss one of the most promising pitches- a surf school. Pembrokeshire itself is a key surfing spot within Wales, with four of the nine beaches listed on VisitWales (top Welsh surfing spots) being here!

After reviewing the feasibility of a surf school, we've identified it as being highly promising and plan on producing a project via VocalEyes, whereby student can pledge resources in aid of its implementation. As such, you should keep an eye on the projects tab over the next few days!

Just in case you wanted to check out the popularity of Pemrbrokeshire's beaches amidst surfers:

posted on 12 Nov 2014

VocalEyes is being used by many students to voice their opinions on college life. 

One idea that appears to crop up often is the wish for a smoking shelter.  This idea has been posted a few times, attracting 300 ratings and averaging a score of 3.1. Despite the persuasive arguments made both for and against a shelter, the college have stated they simply cannot justify the costs associated with its construction. 

Students have also suggested building their own shelter. This raises numerous health and safety as well as insurance issues. With the emphasis on avoiding promoting smoking, due to the undoubted health hazards for those smoking, those sharing the air and the great mess that is created around the smoking area, the college is not currently planning to build a shelter, though comments concerning the need for suitable bins and facilities are being considered to help users of the smoking area to keep it clean and tidy.

Smoke-free legislation came into force in Wales on 2nd April 2007, ending smoking in' enclosed and substantially enclosed public places'. Compliance with this law has been high. Public support for the legislation has continued to grow. 

If you are new to VocalEyes - it is a good idea to check out all the 'unrated ideas' (shown in red) before adding your own, to ensure you are not just creating a duplicate idea.

Happy posting - the ideas and comments are assisting in making sure policies support students and staff whilst also taking into account legal, health, safety an financial implications.

posted on 24 Oct 2014

You can now see the impact a group you are in has made via an impact statement. This can be located under the new Impact button in groups, replacing the Blog button.

posted on 20 Oct 2014