If daily email notifications on some of your groups are getting too much, you now have the option to receive them weekly instead. Email notifications are sent out for each VocalEyes group so you have the choice to adjust the setting for each one depending on how important the updates are to you.

posted on 4 Sep 2017

The "share" feature has arrived enabling you to do just that. We're looking forward to liking and tweeting a lot more VocalEyes content in the near future. NB. You'll only see this function on public content

posted on 4 Sep 2017

You asked for more 'Garden Furniture' to be at City of Glasgow College. The College have now installed garden benches in the Courtyard at City Campus! There is also external seating on the Level 7 Roof Garden.

Check out the video below to see!

My Voice - Garden Furniture

posted on 22 Aug 2017

The College has sanitary dispenser machines on level 0 and level 2. Thanks to your idea on My Voice, they will be installing a new machine on level 7 in the female toilets.

The Students' Association has FREE sanitary towels and tampons, as well as condoms. The Students' Association is based on the second floor (next to the bright orange SA Cafe) and on the ground floor at Riverside Campus.

posted on 21 Aug 2017

We informed Baxter Storey, Estates and Facilities of some of your comments in relation to hot water being available. If you use a KeepCup then you can have access to FREE hot water at any of the food outlets at City of Glasgow College!

This is great news for if you want to save a bit of money - you can bring your own pot noodles, cup-a-soups or tea bags! 

posted on 21 Aug 2017

Your Student President Megan Cartwright met with Baxter Storey to discuss the ideas you have put forward on My Voice. One of your fantastic ideas was "A free tea or coffee if you buy a certain amount" within the topic of "How can we improve City of Glasgow College?".

Baxter Storey have recently launched such a thing! Look out for the Loyalty Cards and KeepCups! Please speak with the catering staff to find out more.

posted on 6 Jul 2017

Hello and welcome to CitySA's My Voice news page. We hope that My Voice will provide a platform for students to come up with great ideas that will improve the student experience at City of Glasgow College. We will update you on the progress of your ideas and post tangible outcomes on here so keep checking out the news section!

Our first tangible action from My Voice goes to the idea of a "Choccy Biscuit" for the topic "How could we celebrate student success?". This was highly rated by the students of City of Glasgow College! CitySA held their annual Student Handover Event at City Campus. The students nominated for awards have all been integral in advancing the work of the Students’ Association. All the successes that have been enjoyed this year can be put down to their passion, hard work and positivity! We gave them all a choccy biscuit to say thank you! Go to our CitySA Facebook page to view photos of the event!

Read more about the event through our City Voice Magazine

posted on 6 Jul 2017

Here's our first video, catching up with some members of the community and hearing what they want and need! Come and join in, register with, rate the ideas, add some of your own and create some noise!
Community Organising in Pennard, Swansea -

posted on 30 Jun 2017

Hi there! I'm Susan Rodaway, the newest member of the VocalEyes team. I'm really excited to have been appointed as the Community Organising Team Leader. This position has been created to support the Swansea Local Action Groups for the Rural Development Partnership to become more representative of the community, provide evidence of community needs, facilitate project development, and assist communities to turn ideas into action. So what does that mean in terms of my role and what I hope to achieve?

I will be working with eight different rural communities across Swansea: Gower, Mawr, Pontardulais,Bishopston, Pennard, Fairwood, Llangyfelach and Penclawdd. I'll be recruiting, training and supporting a Community Organising Team (COT) in each ward. Each team will be made up of volunteers from the community with a passion for improving the place they live in and a drive to make positive change. What will the Community Organising Teams be doing? The COTs will help local people to debate and rate existing ideas for the ward and make suggestions of their own.

This engagement is primarily online but where appropriate, face-to-face and larger meetings will also take place. As more people engage with the process (and the more the better!), the most popular ideas will float to the top; then it gets really interesting! The ideas with the most support will be progressed into action with the assistance of the COTs. They will arrange projects for local people to pledge their support to online, and at meetings.

Where required, they will present results to groups or individuals for extra support to ensure the ideas become reality. The outcome of this process will be better connected communities, able to work together to improve their lives for themselves and ultimately more facilities and activities for the ward. I'm really pleased and proud to be a part of this project and I'm looking forward to helping people make a positive change. Keep checking in for progress updates - the journey starts in Pennard! If the idea of Community Organising appeals to you and you’d like to explore it further, drop us an email to

posted on 21 Jun 2017

We pushed the newest version (MS53) live yesterday late evening, and here are the most notable changes: - Comment Submit button be gone! Your submit will now immediately be submitted once you click an opinion button. - The idea list has a new Filters & Sort options that update the list immediately once an option is selected / clicked. - The My Groups dropdown that will show once you click the name of your group now has a feature to search the name of the groups you're connected with. - Group name will be frozen on top when scrolling longer lists, so you always know where you are. - All links (URL's) you add to any content type will automatically "linkify" (become clickable links). ... and many-many more other tweaks and fixes... For admins: - Detailed Idea Report has arrived! Check it out in Stats & Reports under Idea Reports. It makes use of the new Filters & Sort options in the ideas view. - Ever wanted to see all the activity of one user? Now you can. Click on the name of any user under the admin pages, and you will be redirected automatically to a page that will show you everything related to that one user. - The All Content page is now removed as all there was here was already available on the other content pages. - Map: a map of raters' location can now be seen underneath the idea (click the Map tab). For now this is an admin-only function.

posted on 12 Jun 2017

Thanks to all students who have made an effort to 'have your say' by rating and debating each other's ideas and also adding your own. There's been a wealth of ideas shared which makes a great contribution to ensuring that the college progresses and improves by taking student priorities on board. Bristol College is showing new sudents VocalEyes as part of induction. Many moodle-users are accessing VocalEyes and were given time during tutorial to interact with the platform which saw a dramatic increase in interactions in the student group.

posted on 4 Apr 2017

- VocalEyes is now showing a map of users who rated an idea (see new 'Map' tab at the bottom of idea blocks) - this will only show the locations of those who have registered a home postcode in their personal profile. - links in comments and replies are now activated and will open the url into a new window. - we've made some formatting changes to the daily email notifications - so you immediately see what's important. - daily email notifications will now also go out for all content (so you will receive email notifications of actions too!) - daily email notifications will no longer be triggered for content updates (ie if someone edits the content) - so a little less in your mailbox. - line breaks (paragraphs) are now respected in all description boxes to ensure your content looks neat. - 'back to top' link is now present on any page that you scroll down. - in Projects: to add resources, we've made the button selection clearer and easier to create or update. GROUP ADMINS: - Admin alerts are now live - Group Admins if you wish to receive these go to the admin section and toggle Admin Alerts On (IMPORTANT NOTE: this will activate immediate notification for all content posted in your group).

posted on 26 Mar 2017

1. Group Editors Users who have access to the Group Administration section and who can manage the group and edit its content. Group Editors DO NOT have access to any users details including their username. 2. Group Administrators Users who have access to the Group Administration section including the User section and have access to users profile information. More info here:

posted on 7 Nov 2016

Simply paste the YouTube or Vimeo link into the idea description and the video will appear.

posted on 6 Nov 2016

The facility to use your debit/credit card in the canteen and snack cafe has now been implemented.

During a Class Representative Meeting held at the Gorseinon Campus at the start of the year, students were given the chance to speak directly to Management from a variety of areas regarding the issues that had been raised within their tutorial classes by their peers.  The main focus was the need for a debit/credit card facility to pay for refreshments at the Canteen and Snack Bar.  Following the meeting, a very high level of requests and comments were posted on VocalEyes through the single sign in on Moodle.

Thanks to all the students who actively became members of VocalEyes to push this idea forward, the Management Team have provided this facility.  Staff and students now have the option to use their debit/credit card to buy refreshments in the Canteen and Snack Bar at Gorseinon and the Canteen in Tycoch.




posted on 28 Sep 2016

This graph in Group Admin shows administrators both the number of "registered" members and the number of "engaged/active" members. This is very useful when trying to determine how effective engagement strategies have been.

posted on 24 May 2016

The Mid and West Wales Arts and Education Network has made a sterling start to engaging as a network and totalled 970 interactions during the meeting alone! they have contributed 98 ideas with 775 ratings, 8 replies and 89 comments.There is 1 Project that requires a total of 1 resource with 5 pledges made so far.
So far they have generated 6 actions with 3 learning and 0 tangible outcomes.
There are also 2 news entries.

posted on 19 May 2016

Powered by VocalEyes and facilitated by Matt Little from Rio (Real Ideas Organisation) the Mid and west Wales Arts and Education Network steering group met today at UWTSD to kickstart this project to invigorate the inclusion of art and creativity in learning and teaching. 

posted on 19 May 2016

It's been quite a short milestone this month as we wanted to update and release various tweaks and fixes as quickly as possible. 
Here is a summary:
For users:
- When you rate, the screen will automatically scroll to the comment box.
- Email address can now be changed before it getting activated (ie. to correct typos).
- Topic shortcodes sneaked in to the code before this release, we now made them look better.
- Better navigation in Group News and Global News (Ideas Into Action).
- Fixed various mobile and desktop layout issues.

For admins
- Group Admin content lists now sorted by date descending.
- Edit button will now show on Global News (Ideas Into Action) entries for admins.

...and many bug fixes!

Please keep your feedback coming...

posted on 25 Apr 2016

Four members of Swansea's A4D planning group travelled on Saturday 19th March to Cardiff's Senedd – the home of the National Assembly for Wales. They'd been invited to take part in a special day of events celebrating the end of the first phase of the National Theatre of Wales' 3-year long Big Democracy Project.

In a programme including performances by theatre groups, poets and musicians, A4D's invitation to a half-hour slot attracted around 60 people: ‘Democracy, if ever alive is now 'more dead' than living; its semblance just a sham. The little life left in it is being stealthily stifled by the greed and manipulative grip of the corporations controlling people's freedom and gravely endangering this planet. So join us in designing, building and operating a richer, deeper form of direct democracy.

This half-hour introductory session shares a snapshot of what has already begun. We'll be using all the means available to explore a fairer future based on people powered free expression and collaborative actions for sustainable living.’

Helen Johns, from the teachers union NASUWT, gave a passionate account of the battle with Swansea Council to prevent the termination, without any consultation of parents and children, of an Education Service in Trehafod clinic, for some of Swansea's most vulnerable children - Child and Adolescent Mental Health pupils, that led her to A4D after she realised that local democracy is broken.

A4D convenor Gerry Gold widened the focus from the local to the national and global explaining that we were re-imagining democracy in response to the rapid growth of inequality, showing how the system of corporations had merged with parliamentary democracy transferring wealth from the 99% to the 1%.

With the majority of the audience waving mobile phones in the air, Peter Anderson invited them to sign-on there and then to the Wales country group on digital democracy platform Vocaleyes and respond to the question 'How can we bring democracy to life in Wales? First up was a seven year-old, showing everyone the way, with a proposal for a free Legoland in Cardiff!!

A4D's performance evoked a lively participation – vocally, digitally and on paper, with the local Women's Equality Party candidate Ruth Williams sharing a photo-opportunity on facebook and twitter.

posted on 23 Mar 2016